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Dental Black Triangles Treatment London

Dental Black Triangles can be a problem cosmetically and they can also pack food.

We are an Official Bioclear certified clinic that has the expertise in dealing with this and all forms of cosmetic dentistry

Our stunning cosmetic dental work has featured widely in the press and media.

Dr Burns was chosen as the lead cosmetic dentist in Extreme Makeover UK TV show season 6


Bioclear is an alternative the porcelain veneers, it corrects black dark triangles, worn teeth, worn edges or chipped teeth without having to remove any existing tooth


Black triangles in teeth are often due to bone loss and recession of the gum line, or movement of the teeth after orthodontics (braces). They can make the teeth and smile look old. Those dark dental gaps can also be prone to accumulate food debris encouraging staining of the teeth and excessive plaque build-up.

Dr Burns is one of the limited number of UK dentists that have been fully trained and accredited by the Bioclear Institute as well as being a lead dentist in Extreme Makeover 

Hopefully we can answer most of your questions

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